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So where do we turn to for design ideas?

Websites, magazines, HGTV, boutique stores, friends (or enemies) homes, vacation spots, mustard splattered on a wall (thank you tv ad) or that very vivid dream you had after eating the pulled pork sandwich from "Trailer Pork Boys" too close to bed time and you've decided to create a southwestern themed room...all of these things can give you design/decorating ideas.  How to sort through what is good and what should be forgotten?  Here's one of my favourites....oh and do try the pulled pork, it is delicious, but maybe walk around the block before going horizontal.




This online site/community can be a wonderful source for ideas.

  • They have hundreds of pictures sorted by style (Contemporary, Asian, Traditional, etc)
  • You can also sort by project type (Kitchen, Bathroom, Exterior, etc)
  • Online community discussions to ask professionals on their choices or ask your peers for guidance
  • Links to local Professional companies and projects completed

Still having trouble sorting through your ideas?  Maybe it's time to take your friend with a great eye for design out for lunch or a drink (or both really...may I suggest the Hintonburg Public House?) Still looking for ideas or inspiration? Have a walk along Wellington and pop into Architectural Antique Lighting or move farther west and stop by Blueprint to see some contemporary furniture for ideas.  Still stuck? Turn to the professionals whether it be an Interior Designer, Stager or me, a Realtor/renovator.

Paint colours, furnishings and lighting can all lead you down a path you hadn't thought about before.  AND it's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a stack of magazines.  All in all, a very valuable website to help you narrow down your decisions. It won't make the decision for you, but hopefully get you closer to making that decision yourself.

We've all bought the design magazines that litter the grocery store, maybe grabbed a UK design book from Chapter's, or brought back the New England Design mag from your latest trip to Cape Cod (well I did anyways).  Going through them, creating a scrapbook full of ideas for your next kitchen, bathroom, family room or man-cave. This is always a great idea but A) the cost adds up the more mags you buy and B) usually these mags have a plethora of styles from French Country to Arts and Crafts but what you're looking to do is pure contemporary. Hope this site might help.



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