Neighbors...For Better or Worse?

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Searching for a new place to call home?  Who's living next door?

One of the most important things when looking for a new home that's going to impact your enjoyment are your neighbors.  In Ottawa, you will find very different neighbors in Rockcliffe as you would in Mechanicsville.  Do they keep their yard clean?  Do they have 2 small dogs that are constantly barking at shadows?  Do they have a hot tub within full view of your kitchen window?  But maybe most importantly is how long have they lived there for?

No doubt the neighbors can affect your overall enjoyment of a home but they can also be a wonderful source of information too.  Whenever I find a house that I am serious about pursuing, one of the first things I do is go knock on the neighbors door.  Introducing yourself and being friendly is a great start to a potential relationship you're going to have whether you want to or not.

Not only can you get a read on who will be living beside you and how you might get along but you can also grab some information that maybe the listing didn't include.  For the most part, people are curious creatures.  We see and hear things especially when they pertain to our neighborhood and our immediate home.  They'll have a pretty good idea of what's happened to the home you are considering buying.  Were their renovations recently done?  Has the home had roof or foundation problems in the past? Did the people that live there take good care of the home on a whole?  What about their house (which was probably built around the same time) have they had any problems?  Maybe there's a high water table which affects basements on a yearly basis in the springtime thaw.

My old neighbor John was an immense source of knowledge.  He'd grown up in the house next door only to have moved back into the neighborhood years later.  If I had a question about my house or the neighborhood he had the answers.  I can only hope to find another neighbor like him down the road.

Gleaming whatever knowledge you can from these encounters will help with the overall decision making and help your home inspector look for certain things should you decide to continue with the purchase. Not only will you have a general idea of who will be living beside you for the next few years but maybe you can figure out if they're keen to mow their lawn at 11pm or run a motorcycle club out of their garage.  Important things to know right?



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